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The Beginning

An except from "Knowledge of the Supreme"

It has been a most interesting experience these past few days. I have been forced in close quarters with a number of others, and it appears we may have to stick together for our mutual survival. It began when an unknown assailant attacked our mutual campsite outside of town. From we we could discern afterwards, they were summoned from this plane by druidic and divine magic. We have set off South to aid one of my peers in his quest to find a wife. However, there have been complications, most notably a child pickpocketing me and taking my coin purse. For future reference, I shall stow my gold on various parts of my person, so this situation does not happen again. On my way to retrieve my stolen property, the succubus with us decided to kiss a wererat, which killed it and raised it as some type of undead. Soon their entire pack was  undead and chasing us down. We quickly fled the town afterwards.

Next, we were troubled by a Golden Protector. One of my fellow companions stopped it from attacking, however, so it bought us a week and a half. It appears he needs me, to help him with an octopus problem, and that I came to him in a vision or something along those lines. This is strane, I deal in squid, nt octopus. Unless their are other mind flayers that do not have the same compunctions. I must watch and see.  


icavanaugh20 thoerion

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